Evolution Midstream enables oil and gas producers to focus on what they do best — exploration and production — by safely, efficiently and cost-effectively handling any or all of their midstream service and ancillary business needs.


At Evolution, we understand how important service is to our customers. Evolution Midstream offers oil and gas producers in Wyoming's Powder River Basin a valuable suite of innovative midstream solutions. We work hard to understand our customers' needs and find the best solution specific to each situation. We achieve this by being flexible and creative with pricing and service structures. Specific areas of expertise of services include:

  • natural gas gathering, treating and compression processing, transportation and fractionation;
  • crude oil gathering and storage;
  • condensate stabilization and liquids handling;
  • produced water handling; 

Evolution has partnered with many of the nation's leading producers and marketers to deliver critical services in a safe and expedient manner. Current assets in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming serves customers in Campbell, Converse, and Johnson counties.

Natural Gas

Evolution’s leadership team has overseen the successful design and construction of thousands of miles of pipeline in many of North America’s major producing basins. We are adept at constructing pipelines,compression, and processing facilities on time and on budget. We can also help maximize the value of natural gas liquids, CO2 and nitrogen.

Crude Oil

Evolution also has extensive experience in developing, constructing, and operating infrastructure related to crude oil production and condensate/liquids handling. We offer crude oil gathering, storage, and transportation and condensate stabilization and blending. Our relationships throughout the midstream value chain enable us to deliver crude oil and condensate to the most profitable downstream markets on any given day.


Our cost-effective water services help producers maintain drilling schedules and complete wells on time. We provide reliable produced water disposal options. Our team is committed to creative pricing, flexible deal terms and handling all volumes in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.