Core Values

Core Values

Evolution Midstream is founded on a set of core values that guide the way we conduct our business. 

Safety & Environmental Stewardship

Ensuring safe working and operating conditions for our employees and contractors is a top priority on every project we undertake. We understand our role as stewards of the environment and incorporate this value into our design and operations. 


We encourage our team to be at the forefront of industry evolution and pride ourselves on our ability to maximize value to our customers in new and creative ways.

Reliability & Efficiency

We believe the most efficient way to support producers is by offering a broad suite of reliable and cost-effective midstream solutions that enable them to focus entirely on the drill bit.


Evolution is led by a team that operates with integrity in all we do.

A Tireless Work Ethic

We are an energetic team of experienced oil and gas professionals who will work with our customers until we find solutions to their needs. Our nimble organization and culture allows us to offer the most creative pricing and flexible deal terms paired with the highest quality and most innovative midstream solutions.